3D Printing Disrupting Manufacturing

According to a PWC study, more than two-thirds of US manufacturers are using 3D printing in some way—chiefly in prototyping.

71.1% of US manufacturers are applying 3D printing technology in some way, up slightly from 67% in 2014.
But, when we look at how the technology is being used, we see some important shifts. A higher percentage of manufacturers, compared to two years ago, are using it for prototyping (31.4%), the production of end-products (6.6%)—or both (13.2%). At the same time, fewer (17.4%) are merely “experimenting to determine” how the technology may be useful to their operations—down from two years ago when 28.9% said they were in the tinkering phase.

As customers demand faster turn arounds and more customization, 3D Printing will only rise.

Read the full study here

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