3D Printing Industry Association Looks At Formlabs Connection With Brad Feld

Autodesk, The 3D design software giant is using the investment as an opportunity to build a partnership with Formlabs, a deal that will develop collaborative software and marketing between the two companies — though specifics on what all of that will mean are still forthcoming. Autodesk is a pioneer in 3D Printing, and also an investor.

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, quoted in today’s announcement: “Formlabs has brought a lot of innovation and great execution to the desktop 3D printing market, and Autodesk is excited to invest in the company’s future. But even more importantly, we’re eager to work together to improve digital design and manufacturing for product designers everywhere.” Autodesk is one of the multi billion dollar firms invested in 3D Printing.

The latest round of funding also means that Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld, who funded Maker Bot which was acquired, will be joining Formlabs’ board. “There has been an enormous void for a new market leader in 3D printing,” Feld told TechCrunch ahead of the announcement. “It’s evident Formlabs has emerged as the leader in desktop 3D printing.”

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