3D Printing News – Hollywood Is Loving 3D Printing Technology

Screenwriters in a jam can hit a new panic button. It’s the switch on the nearest 3D printer. This nifty new technology, which took its first substantial silver screen bow in 2006’s Mission: Impossible III, has surfaced in three recent motion pictures. And in each case not a moment too soon. It’s enough to make you think there’s a contraption somewhere in the Hollywood hills that spits out storytelling solutions.

Think back to early February and the release (more like escape) of The Cloverfield Paradox, a movie that announced itself fully formed on Netflix the night of the Super Bowl. It’s set 10 years in the future, aboard a space station (and in a parallel universe? Or were we the parallel universe?) where things go haywire in a knockoff Alien manner. A Russian engineer loses his mind a bit when he discovers interplanetary parasites under his skin (you blame him?) and when he is “contacted” by his alternate (evil?) self, he renders up a 3D-printed gun and bullets. Read more about Hollywood and 3D Printing here.

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