3D Printing Trade Association Looks At The 3 Faster Growing 3D Printing Segments


According to Chetan Mohan, a lead analyst at Technavio for computing devices research, the automotive segment β€œis the largest end-user for the 3D printers market, due to the shift within the sector towards the highly customizable 3D printing manufacturing of functional parts and prototypes.”

The sales of 3D printers for manufacturing metal automotive parts have increased significantly in the past ten years, thereby acting as a major factor driving the growth of 3D printers in the automotive segment. In one example, Fiat Chrysler prints model cars using 3D printing technology.


The consumer products segment of the global 3D printing should reach USD 2.39 billion by 2021. This is partly due to the price pressure on 3D printers. We now see more and more home-made designer toys and other usable items, including jewelry and clothing.

The manufacturers use various 3D printing software, The launch of more software and related apps for 3D printing is likely to drive the growth of the segment. It makes the whole process easier.


β€œ3D printing is used to manufacture various surgical equipment, prosthetics, implants, and tissue engineering products in the healthcare sector. The demand for the development of advanced or next-generation rapid prototyping systems is likely to propel the growth of the segment,” Mohan said. Plus it saves lives. Learn more about Bioprinting here.

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