3D Printing Trade Association – Update On 3D Printing Guns

A coalition of 20 states and the District of Columbia is suing the federal government in the US over the Trump Administration’s plan to let people share 3D printed gun blueprints online, the Associated Press reports.

The coalition, led by Washington state, filed its lawsuit on January 23 in Seattle.

It’s not the first time states have banded together to sue the federal government over this issue. In 2018, a federal judge in Seattle delivered a temporary restraining order to stop Defense Distributed, a pro-gun organization, from releasing the 3D printable gun files.

This current attempt to block 3D printed gun files from going online is an effort to stop the federal government’s latest route to allowing the files for ghost guns to be freely shared.

Critics are concerned sharing the files online will give criminals access to untraceable guns, while advocates of sharing the files say they are exercising their first and second amendment rights.

Second amendment rights? We’re dealing with unregistered guns, that can get into anyone’s hands. Last time we checked, you have had to get a permit for a gun! The Association of 3D Printing stands against 3D Printed guns.

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