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3D Printed Evidence Hits The Courtroom!

3D Printed Proof is producing 3D printed models of injuries using MRI and CT-Scan data for use at trial. These 3D printed representations make it easier for Juries, Attorneys, and Doctors to understand the injuries in question. 3D printed representations

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3D Printing Industry Size Predictions

From Markets & Markets…. The types of technologies in the 3D printing market are sub-segmented into binder-jetting, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, poly-jet printing, electric beam melting, wax disposition modeling, fused disposition modeling, 3D inkjet printing, laminated object manufacturing, and other

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Home Depot and MakerBot to Take on 3D Printing Together

home depot 3d printing

What Happens when large players like Home Depot hook up with 3D Printing firms like Makerbot? In a retail program that was already in place with 12 stores, popularity of the partnership was high enough to extend it from the

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What Scott Crump of Stratasys Says About 3D Printing Future

1. The company is waiting for more applications before entering the metal AM industry. While company is actively investigating metal technology options, management does not believe they would not be able to profitably sell metal AM equipment. 2. While the

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3D Printing Management Ideas – Will General Public Become Educated?

Written by: Daniel M. Suib COO/Managing Director of The 3D Printing Channel Um…What? I have, on occasion, basically explained to friends and family and some strangers what 3D printing is. I mean, I don’t know the technical aspects of the

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The Future of 3D Printing – Are we in the future yet?

By Daniel Suib of the 3D Printing Channel I recently read an article posted by Esther Dyson, a famous Journalist, Philanthropist and tech savvy investor, where she was discussing the future of 3D Printing. The article, written by her in

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3D Printing Brains? Or using brains to 3D Print?

Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital produced an exact replica, soft plastic, 3d printed model of a child’s brain to use in a practice run before the complex surgical procedure. It was printed with soft plastic and with a precision 3d

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3D Printing Technology Unlocking Value in Manufacturing in America

According to Bob McCutcheon, US Industrial Products Leader at consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper, 3D printing technology is already capable of producing high quality products and the value that 3D printing unlocks in manufacturing can lead to new products and

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3D Printing Expo Features 3D Systems – Inside the 3D Printing Conference in New York

3D Printing in New York We attended the Inside 3D Printing Expo in New York with roughly 4,000 in attendance. The event included several vendors across the 3DP value chain with 3D Systems the featured company. Stratasys was not in

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3D Printers Going Mainstream

CES 2014 - Product Trends

The 2014 International CES show reached 40% of the world’s population with 3D printers as one of the top 5 trends in popular products… With big, flashy booths and major product announcements, the exhibitors made a huge splash and perhaps

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