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3D Printing Podcast Interview With SME Executives, Part 3 on the 3D Printing Future

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3D Printing Podcast will give you some insights as to how SME looks at the 3D Printing Industry.

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3D Printing News – 3D Printing Faces Some Challenges

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Additive manufacturing is also used prominently in the medical and dental industries—about 80,000 hip implants have been made to date using 3D printers, and every day some 15,000 tooth crowns and fillings are made with parts from 3D printers, said

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New 3D-printed 3D Printer From Kickstarter

For as little as $1,095, anyone with an internet connection can now order a 3D-printed 3D printer! Many of the parts in the gMax were printed by the RepRap 3D printer, and can be switched out. What is the world

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NASA’s Rocket Passed Hot Fire Tests With Flying Colors

The rocket engine injector talked about before is now the real deal. NASA released more details this week about its 3D-printed rocket engine component. The component delivers propellants to an engine to power it. The director of the engineering directorate

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3D Printer in Space – NASA and Zero Gravity

NASA is planning to send a zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station in June of 2014 – this means astronauts will be able to print lifesaving equipment while on a mission. That contraption probably has secret capabilities we

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Mummies Coming to Life Thanks to 3D Printers

This new industry is changing the way one of the oldest artifacts exists – mummies aren’t getting poked and prodded anymore! Instead, they’re scanned into a digital design – then 3D-printed mummy models can be made. What will 3D printing

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You Can Print Your Own Car

A man in New Zealand is designing and printing his own car by printing and combining separate parts. “The 3D printing should be finished in October, a mold/body cast will probably be a year after that and the final road

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Freeform 3D Printer Sans Support Structures Plus “Undo” Function

There is new method of 3D printing called “freeform,” which doesn’t print support structures along with the needed object (unlike this one). It is well-exemplified by a new 3D freeform printer from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los

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3D Printer Made Out of Legos

This Lego 3D printer can print with hot glue, but will eventually print with resin or wax. No surprise that a male engineering student was the maker – Matthew Krueger “always wanted a 3D printer, but […] doesn’t currently have

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NASA Approves 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Injector

3D printing a rocket? Sounds like science fiction, but it’s happening. And this 3D-printed rocket part passed a key NASA test – hot-fire trials. The part was printed in part thanks to the capability of printing liquid metals – and

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