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3D Printing Slide Show – The 10 Commandments of 3D Printing Industry

10 Commandments of 3D Printing – 3D Printing Slideshow from Bill Decker

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What 3D Printing Issues Face the Public and the 3D Printing Industry?

3D Printing Issues These are questions that require answers! 1) Economic Development people need to know: How do we attract the next $ Trillion industry? Do we want 3D Printing in our community? What do we offer the industry? 2)

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3D Printing Broadcast – Interview With Venture Capitalist Brad Feld on the 3D Printing Industry

From the 3D Printing Podcast. In this episode, Brad Feld is asked about his personal goals in spreading the 3D Printing Industry to schools and creative people. As for Brad, in addition to his investing efforts, Brad has been active

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3D Printed Guitar Is a Hit at the NAMM Music Show In Los Angeles

Ever since the world’s very first guitar was strung up, the folks that build everyone’s favorite instrument have continued the never-ending quest to deliver the next greatest thing in guitar design. Though significant changes to the tried-and-true foundation don’t happen

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3D Printing Shopping Sites – Consumer 3D Printing Sites

3D Printing Demo

Now we can 3D Pring chocolate bars, human tissue, spare parts, prototypes, just about anything you can think of using 3-D printers. Lose a button on your jacket? Need a new pair of glasses? No problem. Just print one up.

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Cheaper, Cooler Furniture in our Future

Soon, we can say goodbye to the high prices, myriad efforts, and long waiting time generally required when buying furniture, because 4 AXYZ is changing all of that by 3D printing wooden furniture. “Furniture made of solid wood has become

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Yahoo Japan Innovates Technology to Search 3D Prints Online

Yahoo Japan seems to have creativity up its sleeves – it has come out with a voice-activated technology to search through 3D printing blue prints online. Now, people who are visually impaired can simply verbally express a search term or

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New 3D-printed 3D Printer From Kickstarter

For as little as $1,095, anyone with an internet connection can now order a 3D-printed 3D printer! Many of the parts in the gMax were printed by the RepRap 3D printer, and can be switched out. What is the world

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3D Printing a House Not So Far Off

What with everything that has been going on with 3D printing lately, it’s no wonder people across the globe have thought to 3D print buildings. An architect has designed this to-be-constructed building using 3D printing technology and some supporting reinforcements

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3D-printed Dress at Dutch Fashion Show

Working with Belgian company Materialise’s technology, a Dutch designer created the 3D-printed dress below. What if you could print your own clothes? With Materialise’s Magics software, you can. Say goodbye to long hours nursing the sewing machine – you can

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