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3D Printing Ups and Downs – Where Will The 3D Printing Industry Go?

There have been some meteoric rises in the 3d Printing Industry. But a couple of problems persist: Lack of a Single Defining Application Historically, personal computers became ubiquitous through their productivity applications. Investment in personal computers became a tangible benefit

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Is The HP Split Up Good Or Bad For 3D Printing?

HP Inc., under the direction of new President and CEO Dion Weisler, while still having a strong position in the PC market will have a large portion of the attention directed to 3D printing, and also integrated with the Sprout,

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3D Printing Industry Exploding?

According to a report released last week by Canalys, an independent research firm, the industry is forecasted to grow a whopping 56% in total sales this year, reaching $5.2 billion, from $3.3 billion last year. Further, Canalys expects the industry

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Is 3D Printing Dead? Did the Stock Market Finally Say “Enough is Enough?”

3d printing shares

What is happening to the 3D Printing Stock Market? Is the honeymoon over? Is 3d Printing dead? Is this another dotcom bust? Is the fun over? Well, the industry is hardly “over.” But back in the internet days, there was

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3D Printing Industry News About HP and the New 3D Printer

Hewlett Packard

Researchers from HP are now working on an innovative print material called Glass print which is a total new concept for 3d printing. “HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other

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Why 3D Printing is still Unknown Among Many Non- 3D Printing Companies

3d printing unknown

Opinion by Daniel Suib, of the 3D Printing Channel It is common, in technical industries to fall short on good leaders and managers. Why? What makes this statement true? Well, the nature of the industry makes that statement true. Leaders

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3D Printing Trade Association Discussion on 3D Printing Market Growth

The adoption of 3D printing in various applications is growing on account of higher accuracy, efficient use of material and ability to build customized products. Its competency over traditional processes, time efficiency and simultaneous use of multiple materials has been

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Seven 3D Printing Trends – Where is the 3D Printing Industry Heading

3d trends

Here are 7 trends in the 3D Printing Industry There will be less “big manufactured” goods. Specialty manufacturing will take some of that industry away. There will be less manufacturing jobs. If audiologists can print on site and on demand,

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