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3D Printing a House Not So Far Off

What with everything that has been going on with 3D printing lately, it’s no wonder people across the globe have thought to 3D print buildings. An architect has designed this to-be-constructed building using 3D printing technology and some supporting reinforcements

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3D Printer in Space – NASA and Zero Gravity

NASA is planning to send a zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station in June of 2014 – this means astronauts will be able to print lifesaving equipment while on a mission. That contraption probably has secret capabilities we

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3D-Printed Firearms: Canadian Prints Rifle

A man who works in manufacturing in Canada made a 3D-printed rifle that can shoot 14 rounds. The rifle isn’t going to win any contests for quickest gun, but it doesn’t have to if the goal is just to shoot

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3D-printed Dress at Dutch Fashion Show

Working with Belgian company Materialise’s technology, a Dutch designer created the 3D-printed dress below. What if you could print your own clothes? With Materialise’s Magics software, you can. Say goodbye to long hours nursing the sewing machine – you can

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Bio-Texture Modeling Means 3D Printing Baby Fetuses in Japan

In Japan some clinics have a new service for pregnant women coming in addition to ultrasounds – a 3d-printed model of their fetus! In the bio-texture modeling, an MRI scanner’s data is translated into a 3D image and sent to

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India and 3d Printing- Will India Win?

This one minute video looks at India’s advantage in 3d Printing

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