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Businessman Donates 3D Printer to Local High School

A lucky 3D design class in Juneau, Alaska will soon have access to a donated 3D printer from a local businessman who decided he “didn’t need both” for business. John Weedman of Western Auto Marine bought two at a trade

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Cheaper, Cooler Furniture in our Future

Soon, we can say goodbye to the high prices, myriad efforts, and long waiting time generally required when buying furniture, because 4 AXYZ is changing all of that by 3D printing wooden furniture. “Furniture made of solid wood has become

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Yahoo Japan Innovates Technology to Search 3D Prints Online

Yahoo Japan seems to have creativity up its sleeves – it has come out with a voice-activated technology to search through 3D printing blue prints online. Now, people who are visually impaired can simply verbally express a search term or

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New 3D-printed 3D Printer From Kickstarter

For as little as $1,095, anyone with an internet connection can now order a 3D-printed 3D printer! Many of the parts in the gMax were printed by the RepRap 3D printer, and can be switched out. What is the world

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You Can Print Your Own Car

A man in New Zealand is designing and printing his own car by printing and combining separate parts. “The 3D printing should be finished in October, a mold/body cast will probably be a year after that and the final road

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Cheap 3D Printer Available With $347 Pricetag

A funded project at Kickstarter gives us one of the very first affordable 3D printers, called the Buccaneer. It is “the most affordable, fully assembled 3D printer in the world.” The team that created it has even thought of usability!

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Patents Expire – 3D Printing Could Get Cheap

“Some key patents” are set to expire in 2014, meaning there will be room for competitors to try their hand at making cheaper, better-quality 3D printers. “The patents in question are for a technology called “laser sintering,” the lowest-cost 3D

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