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Which 3D Printing Innovations were announced at CES 2019?

On the 8th of January, the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas. It gathered, as usual, thousands of people intrigued about the business of consumer technologies. The show has an essential role in providing a platform for innovators and breakthrough technologies. For the last 50 years, many innovators have used this global stage to introduce their products to the market place. In fact, the event touches all sectors of new technologies including smart cities, sustainability, self-driving cars, cryptocurrencies, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, gaming, and also 3D printing! This year, 79 exhibitors for additive manufacturing were present at CES 2019; larger companies were involved but also many startups. On the 11th at night, CES 2019 will end. Therefore, it’s time to recap which 3D printing innovations were announced in the last 3 days. Read the rest of the article here

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3D Printing Trends For The Next 5 years

The North American regional market dominated the global 3D printing industry in terms of revenue in 2016, accounting for the maximum market share. The growth may be attributed to the increasing technological advancements and the region’s economic potential to invest in emerging technologies. The U.S. and Canada are some of the prominent and early adopters of emerging technologies across various manufacturing practices. These factors offer lucrative opportunities for 3D printing in different applications in the North American region.

Europe being the largest region in the world consists of several industry players operating actively in the additive manufacturing industry. The region has a strong hands-on technical expertise and an absolute know-how of additive manufacturing, which has made it the second-largest market. 
On the other hand, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to witness a remarkable growth in the 3DP market. The region is anticipated to register a CAGR of 20.4% from 2017 to 2025. The regional countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea are expected to emerge as the promising adopters of the additive manufacturing over the forecast period in the manufacturing practices in the various industry verticals.

Read the entire article here

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3D Printing Trade Association – Interesting 3D Printing Trend

3d printing organic

Part of what keeps 3D printing on the cutting edge, despite its ups and downs, is that new materials open up wide avenues of possibility.

This year MIT researchers succeeded in 3D printing genetically programmed bacterial cells, compatible with most hydrogels. Utilizing this breakthrough, they printed 3D “living tattoos” that act as sensors and respond to outside stimuli. While the research is still in early stages, keep an eye out for this technology to evolve in the near future. 3D printed bacteria have potential applications in the medical field as well as in the development of wearable materials and interactive displays.

This past year also saw a major leap forward in the quest to 3D print viable organs: the development of a way to print 3D objects suspended in a near-solid structure. This allows 3D printed organs to “float” and maintain their structure during the printing process. This technology could not only revolutionize the transplant field, but be a huge problem-solver for any project that requires printing complex objects out of soft materials.

In general, watch for more innovations in the 3D printing of organic materials in 2018. As it develops, expect new technology to filter outside the medical sector into areas like consumer electronics and beyond. With the advent of living, wearable computational platforms, the future is truly here.

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Daly Social Media Marketing Available For 3D Printing News And Companies

The streets are becoming littered with firms with great idea, but poor or ineffective marketing. Association of 3D Printing Member, 3D Printing Marketer has a low cost way to stay on top of your social media, at a fraction of what you would even pay an intern! Take a look at this link for cost effective 3D Printing Marketing

By targeting your messaging to people who want to read it, the firm gets great results.

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GE Now Using A Concept Laser System For 3D Printing

GE Additive announced that its first Concept Laser M LINE FACTORY systems will finally be delivered to customers in Q2 of 2019.

The M LINE Factory provides excellent reliability and automation, which in turn drives scalable, economical series production on an industrial scale – something that most current standalone machine solutions cannot achieve. As the technology continues its transition from prototyping to production, the demand for quality 3D printers, along with operators to run them and floor space to house them, is rising.

“The positive impact the M LINE FACTORY can have on our customers’ operations and their bottom line is huge,” said Jason Oliver, the President and CEO of GE Additive. “It’s important we provide technologically advanced systems that are reliable and add value to our customers. M LINE FACTORY delivers on those commitments.”

The system is an important part of GE Additive’s focus on providing reliable, repeatable 3D printers that are ready for series production. The M LINE FACTORY has a maximum build envelope of 500 x 500 x up to 400 mm³ (x,y,z), and is optionally equipped with one to four laser sources, each one delivering 1,000 W of power.

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3D Printing For Metal And Glass

Jan Schroers, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Yale University and Desktop Metal, Inc., in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, along with colleagues point out that 3D printing of thermoplastics is highly advanced, but the 3D printing of metals is still challenging and limited. The reason being that metals generally don’t exist in a state that they can be readily extruded.

“We have shown theoretically in this work that we can use a range of other bulk metallic glasses and are working on making the process more practical- and commercially-usable to make 3D printing of metals as easy and practical as the 3D printing of thermoplastics,” said Prof. Schroers.

Unlike conventional metals, bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have a super-cooled liquid region in their thermodynamic profile and are able to undergo continuous softening upon heating — a phenomenon that is present in thermoplastics, but not conventional metals. Prof. Schroers and colleagues have thus shown that BMGs can be used in 3D printing to generate solid, high-strength metal components under ambient conditions of the kind used in thermoplastic 3D printing.

Read the full article here

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3D Printing Trends To Watch For

Medical 3D printing and bioprinting
3D printing users have become so much more skillful with 3D printing over the past year that businesses need to experiment more with new 3D printing applications in order to stand out from the sea of experts. Medical 3D printing and bioprinting are two new forms of 3D printing. We wrote extensively on medical 3D printing on our blogs such as with topics on 3D printed kidneys and 3D printed hearts. Bioprinting is the process of 3D printing cells or other biomaterials that could be the future of finding new cures for diseases. Such a big development happened with the creation of a new bioprinter, which we wrote about here. Businesses such as 3D printing labs or businesses related to the medical field will find that they will be ahead of the game once they are better informed on these topics. 3D printing is cheaper than surgery and if we print from the recipients own tissue, there is no rejection!

3D printing for mass manufacturing
Will 3D Printing replace the assembly line? Maybe. In a survey people found that the basics such as accelerating product development (39%) and production flexibility (19%) are one of the top priorities but more interestingly, being able to offer customized products and limited series was a very important factor as well with 25% saying so compared to only 16% last year.

In the future, the top priority will be even more emphasized offering customized products and limited series with 26% expecting so. With more people and businesses owning 3D printers, having more experts in this field and with many new ways of being able to apply 3D printing, being able to offer a special product to your customer is key. 3D printing offers the ability to offer mass manufactured products without the major costs that come along with traditional manufacturing methods.

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3D Printing News – Who Is Using Additive Manufacturing at TCT Show?

With one week to go until TCT Show 2018, we have been taking a look at the technologies you can expect to see on the show floor from materials to software, 3D printing hardware and auxiliary technologies.

Of course, alongside a packed show floor with over 250 exhibiting companies, is the TCT Conference and the TCT content team has put together a stellar line-up of speakers including blue-chips, universities, SMEs and more across a three-day, multi-stage programme. Whether you’re keen to find out what’s next in additive manufacturing (AM) research or interested to learn how major organizations are applying 3D technologies to real-life applications, the TCT Conference Stage, Tech Stage and Introducing Stage will have you covered.

Learn what Airbus, BMW and Pepsi are doing with 3D Printing.

Take a look at the full article here

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3D Printing Trends – Volkswagen Using 3D Printing For Auto Parts

Volkswagen is moving more and more into 3D Printing. Part of this is the firm’s constant search for greater innovation. Part is due to VW’s constant search for efficiencies. And part is due to the labor laws..the difficulty in simply firming employees as American firms do.

Take a quick peek at this 3D Printing Video

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3D Printing Trade Association Shows 3D Printing Trends Happening Right Now

Trend #1!
The Number of Applications Will Grow

In 2018, more industries will find more ways to use additive manufacturing for more applications. Materials other than plastics, such as metals, will help facilitate these new uses, especially in industries such as the automotive and aerospace sectors. Researchers will also continue to work on printing biocompatible materials for use in the healthcare industry, and we may see some significant advances in this field.

Trend #2!
New and Better Designs Will Surface

3D printing will enable better product design as more companies start to use it during the design and prototyping process, along with Internet of Things technology. The speed and cost reductions that 3D printing provides in the prototyping phase will allow companies to test more versions of their design. It also allows them to easily save and access their designs, test out different ideas and combine aspects of various designs.

Trend #3!
Processes Will Accelerate

The speed of the 3D printing process will continue to increase, making it more competitive with traditional manufacturing methods. Experts expect this trend to be driven largely by software. Current players in the field will continue to improve their products’ speeds while research labs will continue to work on innovative new designs.

Trend #4!
Costs Will Continue to Fall

Another factor that will fuel increased adoption is the continued lowering of costs, while the technology keeps improving. While 3D printing has always been great for short-run production, the technology will start to emerge as a strategy for reducing expenses at a larger scale as printers become more readily scalable.

As technological advances allow manufacturers to print using more material types, companies will be able to save more money by reducing waste.

Learn more about the business of 3d Printing! Get the 3D Printing Online Course.

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