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3D Printing Trade Association Discusses 3D Printing Branding

There are two hitchhikers on the road. One is holding a sign that says “Denver.” The other one is holding a sign that says “Denver, so I can meet my mom for dinner.” The second hitchhiker is more likely to

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The Best 3D Printing Forums, Discussion Groups and Communities – Best TED Talks on 3D Printing

3D Printing Book

The best 3D printing forums, discussion groups and communities The rise of 3D printing has created a vibrant and fast-growing community of users. And this community of makers is also playing a big part in the development of 3D printing…

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3D Printing Book Debunks Five Myths Of 3D Printing

3D Printing Money Book

Let’s 3D bunk these myths. Most new technologies get pushback. The resistance comes from people who are afraid of it, who can’t grasp the relevance, who don’t understand new technology in general, or those who have entrenched interests in keeping

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3D Printing Trade Association Discusses Myths of 3D Printing

From How to 3D Print Money by Bill Decker This chapter looks at the myths of 3D printing. Radio was criticized when it began. TV was seen as the “work of the devil.” The Internet was referred to as “snake

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Ebook Ranks High In Google- 3D Print Money

Here is the new Ebook “How to 3D Print Money” taking the number 2 ranking in google. Two founders of the Association of 3D Printing co-wrote this book. It is available for kindle, nook, ipad, or any e-reader.

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From the 3d Printing Book – How to 3d Print Money

This book excerpt refers to why 3d printing will catch on quickly. “….referring to the adoption of 3d printing as a business and consumer tool. It’s mobile. It goes with you. It puts power in the hands of the consumer.

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