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3D Printing Market – The USA to Remain the Largest Market for 3D Printers and 3D Printing Services

The US will remain by far the largest national 3D printing market in the world, accounting for 42 percent of global sales in 2017. In developed areas such as the US and Western Europe, 3D printing market value will be

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3D Printing Trade Association – What Are the 3D Printing Market Trends?

World demand for 3D printers and related materials and software is projected to rise 21 percent per year to $5.0 billion in 2017. While professional uses such as prototyping will continue to account for the majority of demand, the more

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3D Printing Stock Rally – 3D Printing Shares Rising

3D Printing Stocks

On Friday, the industry rallied as 3D Systems announced the launch of its affordable, consumer-focused 3D scanner Sense. Moderately-priced at $399 compared to $1,400 for Stratasys’ Digitizer, Sense gave a glimpse of how the emerging technology can be marketed to

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HP to Enter 3D Printing Market

CEO since 2011, Meg Whitman of HP (HPQ) announced the company’s plans to enter the 3D printing market in 2014. After the announcement, Stratasys’ and 3D Systems’ stock prices lowered, but quickly bounced back. It seems the market will welcome

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