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3D Printing Trends From PWC Report

In 3-D printing, hundreds or thousands of layers of material are “printed” layer upon layer using various materials, or “inks,”2 most commonly plastic polymers and metals. The many different printing technologies are generally material dependent. (See the sidebar “3-D printing

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3D Printing Book Debunks Five Myths Of 3D Printing

3D Printing Money Book

Let’s 3D bunk these myths. Most new technologies get pushback. The resistance comes from people who are afraid of it, who can’t grasp the relevance, who don’t understand new technology in general, or those who have entrenched interests in keeping

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3D Printing And Big Data – More And More Big Things Coming

big data

3D Printing Industry growth leads to Big Data use. What many people don’t know about 3D Printing is that the technology is data driven. CAD drawings are created and and used. Many are purchase or downloaded for free off the

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Apple Is In 3D Printing?

apple 3d printer

Well-known names in the computing world—Toshiba, HP Inc.—have begun staking their respective claims in a growing market for 3D-printing technology. Could Apple be next? Apple does have a reputation for making some of the coolest stuff around. Macbooks, iPhones, Apple

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3D Printing Trade Association Shows This Weeks Top 3D Printing Stories

A new study from consulting giant McKinsey says factories are the next fertile ground for the “Internet of things.” Read the full story by McKinsey Story In Tiffany v. eBay, eBay was sued over the sale of counterfeit Tiffany merchandise

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3D Printing News From the Florida Times-Union

By Drew Dixon… 3D PRINTING FOR ONE AND ALL There have long been high-end 3D printing operations since the 1970s, but usually for larger-scale industrial and mechanical operations, such as the military and major manufacturers. Most 3D printing operations remain

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Global Rise of 3D Printing In Manufacturing – An Opinion On 3D Printing Progress


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3D Printing Podcast With Autodesk, Part 3

Gonzalo Martinez, Director of Strategic Research in the office of the CTO at Autodesk, gives an interesting interview about his firm’s play in 3D Printing. Hear the 3rd episode with Autodesk. Open Source is Autodesk‘s new play in the 3D

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3D Printing Aquisitions – Stratasys Buys Two Firms in 3D Printing

Business 3D Printing Snapshot

According to the press release, Stratasys will pay up to $295M for Solid Concepts, a company with $65M in revenue in 2013. Solid Concepts has six service centers within the US and another based in Shenzen, China, meaning Stratasys’ acquisition

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3D Printing Industry News – Top Marketing Firms Enter 3D Printing Marketplace

It looks like famous marketing firms are entering the 3D Printing Market space. Many 3D Printing companies are in need of good marketing, PR, Strategic Planning and advisory services. 1) People don’t understand the industry 2) People don’t want to

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