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Mummies Coming to Life Thanks to 3D Printers

This new industry is changing the way one of the oldest artifacts exists – mummies aren’t getting poked and prodded anymore! Instead, they’re scanned into a digital design – then 3D-printed mummy models can be made. What will 3D printing

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You Can Print Your Own Car

A man in New Zealand is designing and printing his own car by printing and combining separate parts. “The 3D printing should be finished in October, a mold/body cast will probably be a year after that and the final road

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UPS Store Will Start Offering 3D Printing

3D printing is coming to stores near you! (If you live in San Diego.) UPS is integrating 3D printing services into its retail locations in the San Diego area, and will do the same in other locations, depending on this

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Cheap 3D Printer Available With $347 Pricetag

A funded project at Kickstarter gives us one of the very first affordable 3D printers, called the Buccaneer. It is “the most affordable, fully assembled 3D printer in the world.” The team that created it has even thought of usability!

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Opportunities to Save for the Mining Industry

As it turns out, the mining industry has yet to jump on 3D printing as a platform towards cheaper and more efficient production. “We commonly see cost savings of 50-80% compared with traditional manufacturing and prototyping methods. Time savings can

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Patents Expire – 3D Printing Could Get Cheap

“Some key patents” are set to expire in 2014, meaning there will be room for competitors to try their hand at making cheaper, better-quality 3D printers. “The patents in question are for a technology called “laser sintering,” the lowest-cost 3D

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NASA Approves 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Injector

3D printing a rocket? Sounds like science fiction, but it’s happening. And this 3D-printed rocket part passed a key NASA test – hot-fire trials. The part was printed in part thanks to the capability of printing liquid metals – and

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Bio-Texture Modeling Means 3D Printing Baby Fetuses in Japan

In Japan some clinics have a new service for pregnant women coming in addition to ultrasounds – a 3d-printed model of their fetus! In the bio-texture modeling, an MRI scanner’s data is translated into a 3D image and sent to

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3D Printing Technology: Interactive Optics

Disney has been working on 3D printed optics for interactive electronics. “Optical mechanics are more reliable and efficient than wires because they’re more protected and are comprised of fewer parts.” What does ‘optical mechanics’ mean? “By printing “light pipes,” buttons,

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Bioprinting, Firearms, and 3D Printing

“It seems like science fiction.” Anything you can imagine can often be made with 3D printing, including body parts. This is one of the greatest opportunities and threats in manufacturing and medicine. “The premise is simple. Send a scanned image

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