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3D Printing White Paper – 5 Disruptive Trends Caused by 3D Printing Technology

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Here are predictions from McKinsey about 3D Printing Trends. First among McKinsey’s predictions is that 3D printing will bring about a new paradigm in product development cycles. While 3D printers have been used for prototyping for years, the declining price

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3D Printing Trends – 3D Printing Changing Manufacturing and Business

The capabilities of 3-D printing hardware are evolving rapidly, too. They can build larger components and achieve greater precision and finer resolution at higher speeds and lower costs. Together, these advances have brought the technology to a tipping point—it appears

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3D Printing Trade Association – What Are the 3D Printing Market Trends?

World demand for 3D printers and related materials and software is projected to rise 21 percent per year to $5.0 billion in 2017. While professional uses such as prototyping will continue to account for the majority of demand, the more

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8 Trends in 3D Printing – 3D Printing is Faster, Cheaper and More Complex

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We will witness the birth of a new generation of “makers.” When I got my MBA, my instinct was to stay away from manufacturing. Who needs the hassle? Labor problems? Environmental Protection Agency? Boats of raw materials that never get

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Seven 3D Printing Trends – Where is the 3D Printing Industry Heading

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Here are 7 trends in the 3D Printing Industry There will be less “big manufactured” goods. Specialty manufacturing will take some of that industry away. There will be less manufacturing jobs. If audiologists can print on site and on demand,

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