3D Printed Houses In China – 3D Printed Homes

A Shanghai-based company, has created 10 3D-printed houses.

Each house reportedly cost less than US$5,000 and took less than 24 hours to construct. The printer used to create the homes was about 100 feet long, 33 feet wide and more than 20 feet tall. The “ink” was made from high-grade cement and glass fiber.

The houses may not be up to snuff for 3D printing purists: They were not printed as a single item, but rather in parts that were later pieced together. Therefore, a 3D house being created in Amsterdam might still be able to claim the title of the world’s first 3D-printed house (even if it won’t be finished for another three years).

A group of 3D printed houses, 200 m2 each, recently appears in Shanghai, China. These building were created entirely out of concrete using a gigantic 3D printer, and each costs only 30,000 RMB ($4,800)

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