3D Printing News – Military Leads The Way For 3D Printing In France

The French armed forces have been employing 3D printing to produce spare parts for far-off bases in highly remote regions such as Mali. It can be almost impossible to procure supplies and equipment on the field…and therefore the military contracted Desert Tactical Group – Logistics “Charentes” in testing 3D printed replacements for broken components. With the aid of Formlabs and Ultimaker 3D printers, they have managed to severely speed up the supply chain and cut part transportation costs.

Technologies like additive manufacturing and 3D scanning can be a great means of simplifying operations for bases in desolate areas. The French Army have been 3D printing multiple parts including protective shells, seals, and parts for optics, which would be otherwise inaccessible for places like Mali or Niger. On top of that, the French armed forces are maintaining a base that houses 4,500 personnel. These factors make equipment supply and maintenance even trickier, so 3D printing is a natural solution. Get ready for every military installation, every ship and maybe every tank to have a 3D printer!

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