3D Printing News – Where Do You Go To Learn About 3D Printing Failures?

3D printing is constantly evolving, reaching exciting new heights, and touching every industry you can think of – but all this progress has left a trail of mangled plastic, and a devastated machines in it’s wake.

The Art of 3D Print Failure is a Flickr group that aims to document this failure, because after all, mistakes are how we learn, and how we make sure the same thing doesn’t happen the next time around. It can also prevent mistakes from happening to those who are new to 3D printing, before they even make them!

Particular examples of 3D printing failure include the object becoming loose from the printbed, a glitch in the extruder; unstable printbed temperature, and wrong settings. There are also those times when no logical explanation can be found – which are often chalked up to forces beyond our control.

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