3D Printing Trade Association News – How Do You Manage Multiple 3D Printers?

It’s interesting. Most firms that have embraced 3D Printing did not have a 3D Printing strategy. We find that 3D Printing was often adopted in a piecemeal way. One department would get a 3D Printer. A new sales person would arrive, and a company buys a different 3D Printer. Over time, you get an enterprise with many types of printers.

This has it’s pros and cons. On the pro side, you aren’t locked into one manufacturer, and can see which machine works best for your firm. The cons however mean that firms have to learn many software programs to manage the machines. This “soft cost” isn’t soft at all…the staffing can cost more than the cost of the machines themselves! Many firms feel that a generic OS would help them the most.

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