3D Printing Trade Association News – New 3D Printing Center To Open

German industrial group Thyssenkrupp plans to open its own 3D printing center this year to manufacture products for its customers.

As well as producing steel, submarines and elevators, Thyssenkrupp supplies thousands of tonnes of metal and plastic products and provides supply-chain management services to a quarter of a million customers worldwide.

When you use 3D printing it saves money on material costs by reducing the number of parts needed tenfold or more, and also saves time from design to manufacturing, allowing objects to be produced in small batches in a cost-effective way. There is also a lot less waste as you only use the materials you need for any given print.

Hans-Josef Hoss, an executive board member of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services division said: “We have decided to establish our own 3D printing center. We have invested already into the machines.

“We start from the engineering side and deliver the final product with all aftersales and related services,” he said in a speech at an event during the Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair.

Hoss said the center would be inaugurated in September, and would produce both metal and plastic products.

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