3D Printing Trends- What About 3D Printing Jobs?

After years of figuring out what additive manufacturing—the new kid of industry—could and couldn’t do, 2016 seems to be when the technology finally started to settle in and become one of the gang. It’s gained worldwide acceptance and a feasible way to make many things, not just a few prototypes. The watershed moment may have been General Electrics acquisition of two European 3D printing companies for $1.4 billion. They didn’t buy all of Arcam, but tool a controlling stake.

GE Aviation says it will 3D-print more than 100,000 parts by 2020 to make lighter and more efficient engines, along with several other advantages.This should change a lot of the job landscape and enhance productivity.

What will happen in the sector in 2017? It will no doubt be a momentous year for manufacturers around the world, if even half of what President Donald Trump says he’ll accomplish comes to fruition when he starts the job on Jan. 20. From trade to new jobs, everything is up in the air.

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