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3D Printing Trade Association Looks At Costs Of 3D Printing Manufacturing Vs. Traditional Manufacturing

What is the cost difference between metal additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing? The three main factors that determine cost is tooling, minimum order quantity, and lead times — all of which additive manufacturing shines.

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3D Printing Podcast On Libraries Using 3D Printing

Can a strong brand (though outdated) use 3D Printing to spruce up its image? Listen to a director of libraries in Colorado share his experience on how 3D Printing helped make the community wake up and see! You can also

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The Best 3D Printing Forums, Discussion Groups and Communities – Best TED Talks on 3D Printing

3D Printing Book

The best 3D printing forums, discussion groups and communities The rise of 3D printing has created a vibrant and fast-growing community of users. And this community of makers is also playing a big part in the development of 3D printing…

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3D Printing Law, 3D Trademark Design and The Makerbot Class Action Suit

Rubiks Cube - 3D Printing Design

3D PRINTERING: THE MAKERBOT CLASS ACTION SUIT Since the 5th generation of Makerbot 3D printers were released at CES in 2014, there has been an avalanche of complaints about the smart extruder in these printers. READ FULL ARTICLE    3D

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Personal Fabrication Machines Make “Homemade” Digitally

Bill Decker, chairman of the Association of 3D Printing, observed that 3D printing will “democratize manufacturing,” but wondered whether “people really want these machines in their home for one-off projects.” Decker said consumers may balk at the “smell, mess, and

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3D Printing Trade Association Asks – Do you Know How to Work a 3D Printing Trade Show?

3D Printing Slide Show – 10 Ways to Work a 3D Printing Trade Show from Bill Decker 1) Set goals! Sales? Contacts? Press? Demos? 2) KISS- keep it simple salesman. 3) Get client focussed, not product focussed! 4) Have Multi

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3D Printing News From the US Dept of Energy – How Does 3D Printing Work?

“First invented in the 1980s by Chuck Hull, an engineer and physicist, 3D printing technology has come a long way. Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of making an object by depositing material, one tiny layer at

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3D Printing Podcast With Staples, Part 3 – The 3D Printing Challenge?

staples podcast

Staples is our guest on this “three peat” podcast. Here Chris Demeo, Vice President of Sales and Promotions at Staples speaks not only about Staples but also how small business in general can benefit from using 3D Printing. Chris does

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3D Printing Association Discusses the 3 Main Lessons From the 3D Printing Revolution

Here are the 3 top things to know about the 3D Printing revolution: 1. The up-front investment is significant, but running costs are low. Consumer-grade desktop 3-D printers range from $500 to about $3,500. Once this investment is made, then

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3D Printing Podcast Interview – Formlabs at 3D Printing Conference

form labs logo paste the link above into your browser, or click the 3D Printing Podcast link here Hear what Formlabs has to say at the latest 3D Printing Conference After raising millions of dollars, the firm released the following message: “Today,

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