Convincing 3D-Printed Skin in the United Kingdom

University of Liverpool and University of Manchester researchers are working together to develop convincing 3D-printed skin.

Dr. Sophie Weurger of the University of Liverpool said “the human visual system is extremely sensitive to small distortions in skin appearance, so making a convincing synthetic version will be essential whether this technology is used for emergency or cosmetic medicine.”

Dr. Sophie Weurger

The researchers plan to use 3D scans of real people’s skin from all angles in order to create the most realistic artificial skin, complete with designed divots, freckles, and skin tone changes. In the future this technology can be used in all sorts of ways, from helping burn victims look like their old selves again to ridding someone of his acne scars.

In remote areas, where access to a 3D scanner is limited, the researchers believe using a ready database of thousands of pictures of real people’s skin (with a whole spectrum of tones) will still provide the capability of producing realistic-looking skin.

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