New 3D Printing Scanner- Portable, Inexpensive 3D Technology

A desktop device that can quickly scan objects so they can be replicated using a 3D printer has gone on sale, called The Makerbot Digitizer, which costs $1,400, will be shipped to the first buyers in October.

Demand for the machine appeared to overload the company’s store when it went on sale on Thursday evening. This is amazing. It’s portable, it’s inexpensive and it works!

The Digitizer is the latest product looking to bring 3D printing to mainstream technology users – but some experts have their doubts. The machine is designed to allow the replication of objects without any need for the user to learn any 3D modelling software or have any other special expertise. It works by pointing several lasers at the object and detecting contours in the surface.

It also allows users to upload their 3D designs directly to Thingiverse, a website where 3D designs can be shared.

scanner by makerbot

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