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3D Printing Association – 3D Printing Predictions For the Future

The overall success rates of 3D printing use cases in emerging regions will escalate for three main reasons: the increasing ease of access and commoditization of the technology; ROI; and because it simplifies supply chain issues with getting medical devices

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3D Printing Ad Agency Announces New Client – The 3D Printing Law Firm

When reports first appeared that computers could produce three-dimensional objects — from toys to auto parts to household items — it sounded like a page from a science fiction novel. But the era of 3-D printers is upon us. For

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3D Printing Legal Wars

3D Printing Law Firm

The 3-D printing “will do for physical objects what MP3 files did for music,” wrote Deven R. Desai, associate professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and Gerard N. Magliocca, professor at the Robert H. McKinney School of Law

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