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3D Printing News – Medical Device Manufacturer Saves Money With Metal 3D Printing

Surgical tool manufacturer Shukla Medical is saving $120,000 per year after harnessing medical 3D printing systems to prototype surgical instruments. The company, a subsidiary of aerospace manufacturer S.S. White Technologies, supplies orthopaedic surgeons across the United States. It has traditionally

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Medical Uses of 3D Printing Technology – FDA Explores 3D Printing

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to soon hold a meeting to discuss the future of regulating medical products made using 3D printing techniques, it has announced. The cost of 3D printers has come down considerably. Electronic files

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3D Printing Trade Association Discusses Seven 3D Printing Healthcare Applications

3d printing healthcare

The medical uses are extremely practical and overtime could really solve ongoing health issues once it’s figured out how to accurately apply them to people. 7 3D Printing Medical Applications: Embryonic Stem Cells: These cells have already been successfully printed

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