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3D design environment developed by MIT

Nowadays,  it is possible to 3D print a wide variety of objects from the comfort of your home: owning a home desktop printer allows virtually anyone to manufacture a toothbrush or a toy for example. However, oftentimes, the tricky part is

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3D Printing Advances And Usage During Covid 19

Well, its easy to see that the less humans we need, the less there is a chance of passing Covid 19 to each other! 3D Printing can help mitigate the risk and the contact. The global uncertainty created by the

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3D Printing Trade Association – Can We 3D Print Hair?

Over the last few decades hair transplantation surgery has rapidly evolved, becoming more sophisticated and successful, however the process has still fundamentally relied on hair follicles being redistributed from one part of the body to another. Growing human hair follicles

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3D Printing Trade Association And The FDA Working Together

The FDA continues to take creative and flexible approaches to address access to critical medical products in response to COVID-19. Researchers at academic institutions, non-traditional manufacturers, communities of makers, and individuals are banding together to support and fill local and

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3D Printing Trade Association Discusses 3D Printed Chicken!

3d printed chicken

KFC has been experimenting with food innovation process for a while now, including the introduction of plantchicken nuggets last year. But a new effort in Russia might just be the Louisville-based company’s most ambitious project yet. KFC is launching the

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3D Printing Trade Association Overview Of 3D Printing Software

3d printing trade association

by Alex Huckstepp Effectively implementing 3D printing in a production environment requires software tools for design, simulation, pre-processing, distribution, manufacturing, inspection, and quality. Printer manufacturers (OEMs) provide software with their printers, but it often does not include all the functionality

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3D Printing Trade Association – Bioprinting Being Used For Tumor Research

A joint team of researchers from Rensselaer, Northwestern University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has developed a methodology that could improve the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma brain tumors. The process, which combines medical imaging and bioprinting

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3D Printing Trade Association – What Is The Future Of 3D Printing?


What is the future? No one really knows, but Greg Paulsen of Xometry certainly has some thoughts on it! For more of Greg and Xometry’s capabilities, reach them at

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3D Printing Trade Association – Consumer Trends In 3D Printing

Consumer-oriented FDM printers are dropping in price and are becoming more affordable. It’s no longer necessary to spend thousands of dollars to buy a 3D printer for the home. In fact, there are a number of printers that cost under

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3D Printing Trade Association – 3D Printing Being Used To Change Neighborhoods!

Pittsburgh’s newest neigborhood, dubbed Neighborhood 91, promises to be the hub for modern manufacturing technologies. It will connect all components of the 3D Printing supply chain into one ecosystem. Construction for is set to begin in 2020. The neighborhood will

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