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3D Printing Industry Association Looks At Formlabs Connection With Brad Feld

Autodesk, The 3D design software giant is using the investment as an opportunity to build a partnership with Formlabs, a deal that will develop collaborative software and marketing between the two companies — though specifics on what all of that

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3D Printing Firms Formlabs and 3D Systems Settle Dispute

3D Systems originally sued Formlabs over eight patents it was granted in the 1990s. All of them covered different parts of the stereolithographic 3D printing process, which uses a laser to cure liquid plastic. Formlabs almost singlehandedly established the desktop

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3D Printing Podcast Interview – Formlabs at 3D Printing Conference

form labs logo paste the link above into your browser, or click the 3D Printing Podcast link here Hear what Formlabs has to say at the latest 3D Printing Conference After raising millions of dollars, the firm released the following message: “Today,

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