Labor Decline

With the rise of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing we are faced with numerous challenges.  As mentioned in other articles, traditional manufacturing industries will be hit hard as people self produce products within their own home or small business.  Shipping and product transportation will be hit hard as consumers print on demand the things they need and want.

All of this points to a massive loss jobs coming off of an already sharp decline in manufacturing.

While 3D printing is an entrepreneurs dream the industrialized nations’ education system doesn’t produce the people at the levels required to support the this new economic system.

What has to change to ensure the average worker will have an income?

How will 3D printing impact education and career retraining?

3D printing will have a transformational impact on unions. How should they adapt to this rapidly moving technology?

As the demand for imports decline, how will this impact tariffs, foreign relations and labor centric economies?