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3D Printing Brains? Or using brains to 3D Print?

Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital produced an exact replica, soft plastic, 3d printed model of a child’s brain to use in a practice run before the complex surgical procedure. It was printed with soft plastic and with a precision 3d

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Organovo Fabricates Liver Cells That Live 800% Longer

Bioprinting is not a new concept – in fact, it’s almost old news, and we’re just waiting for something to happen. Ducks have been saved, baby tracheas have been printed, so when are we going to really see the effects

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Is Bioprinting the Future of Organ Replacement- 3D Printing Science

You get a full 3 dimensional scan of your complete body geometry. One day there is an accident and unfortunately you lose an ear or some other part of your body. Still, nothing that you really should worry about: Your

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3D Printer to Make Organs On Demand

This 3D printer London scientists created, called the Vista 3D, is in the works to print organs “at the touch of a button.” It comes equipped with a nozzle that can 3D print a broad range of materials with high

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