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3D Printed Guns A Reality?

No background check. No age check. No permission. No Screening. Just a 3D Printer, design, and the materials to do it. In June, a gun-rights group, Defense Distributed, reached a settlement that allows 3-D printable gun plans online. The plan

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3D Printing Law, 3D Trademark Design and The Makerbot Class Action Suit

Rubiks Cube - 3D Printing Design

3D PRINTERING: THE MAKERBOT CLASS ACTION SUIT Since the 5th generation of Makerbot 3D printers were released at CES in 2014, there has been an avalanche of complaints about the smart extruder in these printers. READ FULL ARTICLE    3D

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3D Printing Teleportation, Bioprinting Human Organs, 3D Printed Drugs and More of the Dark Side of 3D Printing

The Dark Side of 3D Printing - 3D Printing Controversy

3D Printing -The History of a Public Controversy 3D Printing Teleportation of Physical Objects New 3D Printing Developments in 3D Printed Prosthetics Advances in Bioprinting Human Organs Sparking Social and Moral Debate 3D Bioprinting Chemputer Could Democratise

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3D Printed Gun Factory – 3D Printed Parts Found In England

3d gun

Can these parts be put together to make a gun? Manchester police are investigating this now. 3D Printing has its users and abusers, but the 3d printing technology is unstoppable. Thus a large 3d Printing Lobbying effort is likely.

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3D Printed Guns – Plastic Guns With 3D Printing Controversy

3d printed gun

Federal law enforcement authorities are raising concerns new, futuristic 3-D printed guns made entirely out of plastic could pose a myriad of security threats across the U.S., as a law banning undetectable firearms is set to expire. 3D industrial printers

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3D Printing – The Future of Manufacturing

Science fiction is strangely telling of future technologies. Take for example Star Trek, one of the most popular sci-fi shows in television history. The characters would walk through automatic sliding doors, non-existent in the day, and relay orders through personal

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