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3D Printing Predictions For 2018!

The experts weigh in and point to these 5 trends: Increased Adoption New and Improved Metal 3D Printing Improved Design Polymers and Other 3D Printing Materials Increased Speed and Productivity From a 3D printing perspective, the are positive. In particular,

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3D Printing Book Debunks Five Myths Of 3D Printing

3D Printing Money Book

Let’s 3D bunk these myths. Most new technologies get pushback. The resistance comes from people who are afraid of it, who can’t grasp the relevance, who don’t understand new technology in general, or those who have entrenched interests in keeping

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3D Printing Trade Association Asks 5 Questions About Big Data

5 Questions About Big Data from Bill Decker Here is a quick slide show that asks about Big Data and the questions we should be asking.

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3D Printing Slide Show – Top 10 Trends in the 3D Printing Industry for 2015

10 Trends in 3D Printing For 2015 from Bill Decker Here is a quick slide show about 3D Printing trends for the coming year. We predict more of the same, and a lot of different things to happen in 3D

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3D Printing Industry Article – 5 Myths of 3D Printing Explained

3d printing myths

Myth #1: 3D Printing will never catch on because it is too technical. This technology uses specialized diagrams, complicated drawings, unusual materials, and requires an understanding of engineering, computer aided design (CAD), and computer automation. The 3D printing machines need

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3D Printing Start Up Advice – How to Keep 3D Printing Firms From Failing

No sales focus. Companies are often created without sales people involved. But sales people look at the world differently and are more concerned with who is going to pay money for your product or service, and less concerned with saving

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