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Is 3D Printing Dead? Did the Stock Market Finally Say “Enough is Enough?”

3d printing shares

What is happening to the 3D Printing Stock Market? Is the honeymoon over? Is 3d Printing dead? Is this another dotcom bust? Is the fun over? Well, the industry is hardly “over.” But back in the internet days, there was

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3D Printing Trade Association Looks at 3D Printing Mutual Fund – Is it Too Risky?

Is 3D Printing really ready for the the first mutual fund devoted entirely to investing in 3D printing? Well, it opened for business this week. But it may be way too risky for most investors. The 3D Printing and Technology

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3D Printing Investments – The Interest in 3D Printing Companies

3d firms

The wave of the future in printing is leaning towards the direction of three dimensional printing. Major manufacturers of 3D printers are enjoying the ride up. Leading companies like 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) have been upbeat since the

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3D Printing Stock Rally – 3D Printing Shares Rising

3D Printing Stocks

On Friday, the industry rallied as 3D Systems announced the launch of its affordable, consumer-focused 3D scanner Sense. Moderately-priced at $399 compared to $1,400 for Stratasys’ Digitizer, Sense gave a glimpse of how the emerging technology can be marketed to

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