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3D Printing Law, 3D Trademark Design and The Makerbot Class Action Suit

Rubiks Cube - 3D Printing Design

3D PRINTERING: THE MAKERBOT CLASS ACTION SUIT Since the 5th generation of Makerbot 3D printers were released at CES in 2014, there has been an avalanche of complaints about the smart extruder in these printers. READ FULL ARTICLE    3D

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3D Printers Will Revolutionize Education

Miguel Almena talks about how 3D printers will revolutionize learning and education… 3D Printing MBA – This course is designed for firms and entrepreneurs that are more interested in the business aspect of 3D Printing… Where are the opportunities? Where

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3D Printing Trade Association Bring New 3D Printers Store in as Member

3d printer man

In the 3D Printing world, most people are aware of Bob Chapman’s reputation. Seen as a visionary by many, Bob felt that there were very few reliable 3D Printer marketplaces. He went to his long time friend, Rip Saunders who

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3D Printing Industry News About HP and the New 3D Printer

Hewlett Packard

Researchers from HP are now working on an innovative print material called Glass print which is a total new concept for 3d printing. “HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other

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Wall Street Journal Story – 3D Printing Comes Home

“Do you remember the first thing you ever printed out? I made a family newsletter, birthday cards and signs on a program called The Print Shop. What made a printer useful at home was self-evident: It made anyone a publisher.

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3D Printing Map – Where Are the 3D Printers Around the World?

Location of 3D Printers

The map shows how the network is geographically spread out. As you can see we’ve already covered Europe almost completely and all of the urban parts of the US. While 3D printing is mostly happening in the western world, we

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Businessman Donates 3D Printer to Local High School

A lucky 3D design class in Juneau, Alaska will soon have access to a donated 3D printer from a local businessman who decided he “didn’t need both” for business. John Weedman of Western Auto Marine bought two at a trade

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3D Printing – The Future of Manufacturing

Science fiction is strangely telling of future technologies. Take for example Star Trek, one of the most popular sci-fi shows in television history. The characters would walk through automatic sliding doors, non-existent in the day, and relay orders through personal

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The Most Portable 3D Printer Yet

Portable 3D Printer

There are dozens of factors that go into choosing which 3-D printer is right for you: How large can it print? Can I build it myself? How much does it cost? How does it actually print? With one notable, pricey

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3D Printing Future – Lawyers Ready?

The age of publicly accessible 3D printers and printing services is finally here, but are our legal doctrines up to the task of protecting the public while not screwing up a fantastic new tool?

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