3D Medicine – BioPrinting

3D printing in healthcare is not new however recently there has been an explosion in research and treatments offered by this technology…

Supply Chain Decline

Manufactures and intellectual property are not the only things at risk in the new world of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing…

Labor Decline

With the rise of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing we are faced with numerous challenges. As mentioned in other articles, traditional manufacturing industries will be hit hard as people self produce products within their own home or small business…

Privacy Concerns

The dream today of in home 3D printing is attractive to many and a nightmare to others…

Open Source 3D

The open source community has a platform worthy of joining the Association of 3D Printing…

Intellectual Property Protection

3D Printing is challenging the patent holders in away they have never been before…


Regulatory issues are a major concern to the 3D printing world. While the liberty to print most anything you want on demand is appealing it is not without drastic implications…

Additionally, these are questions that require answers!

1) Elected Officials:
Will 3D Printing create or destroy jobs?
Will 3D Printing create security risks?
Are there harmful by products in 3D printing?
Does 3D Printing create legal minefields?
Does 3D Printing change the tax base?
Do we want 3D printing? How will we get it?
Who will write the rules?
Where can I (elected official) get help?

2) Economic Development people need to know:
How do we attract the next $ Trillion industry?
Do we want 3D Printing in our community?
What do we offer the industry?

3) University questions:
Who will offer curriculum in 3D Printing?
Can I get a degree in 3D Printing?
Will we attract more students if we offer 3D Printing?

4) Lawyers:
Will IP laws be enough?
Will product liability laws extend to 3D Printed objects?
Will people be buying 3D Printed drawings online, and who will take care of digital rights management?

5) Service Providers (Ad Agencies, Consulting Firms, Accountants, Banks, PR Firms):
Is the 3D Printing industry a market?
How do I get 3D Printing clients?
How does my business change if I represent 3D Printing clients?

6) Manufacturers:
Am I out of business yet and don’t know it?
Do I have a strategy for 3D Printing in my firm?
Do my clients need or benefit from 3D Printing?
How can I add 3D Printing to my existing business model?

7) Students:
Is this industry going to be as hot as the Internet?
Where can I get job skills for this industry?
What kind of background do companies look for when they hire for this technology?

8) Entrepreneurs:
Will 3D Printing help me get funded?
Will 3D Printing help me get customers?
Will 3D Printing help me develop product?

9) Customers:
Are 3D Printed products safe?
Are 3D Printing products reliable?
Am I breaking the law if I use a 3D Printed product?

10) Retailers
How will I stay in business if people can go online and print what they need?
Can I 3D Print parts for my existing products and inventory?
What do I say to a customer when she wants 3D Printing?

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