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Daly Social Media Marketing Available For 3D Printing News And Companies

The streets are becoming littered with firms with great idea, but poor or ineffective marketing. Association of 3D Printing Member, 3D Printing Marketer has a low cost way to stay on top of your social media, at a fraction of

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Is The HP Split Up Good Or Bad For 3D Printing?

HP Inc., under the direction of new President and CEO Dion Weisler, while still having a strong position in the PC market will have a large portion of the attention directed to 3D printing, and also integrated with the Sprout,

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3D Printing Podcast and Personal Branding

This week’s edition of the 3d printing podcast features a personal branding expert to speak about 3D Printing and the need for branding.

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3D Printing Companies Turning to 3D Printing Marketers For Help

3d printing marketing

One of the key detriments in the industry is the lack of good marketing. The offer help in 3D printing marketing and social media. Creatively package your marketing campaigns. A postcard is one way to market your business. But how

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Facebook Marketing Comes to the 3D Printing Industry – With Professional Online Marketing

In the words of Bob Chapman, one of the newest members of the Association, “Why not let us deal with your Facebook marketing? We know how to do it, are online experts and can take it off your “to do”

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3D Printing Marketers Joins the 3D Printing Trade Association

The Association of 3D Printing welcomes another new member, Bob Chapman of 3D Printing Marketer. 3D Printing Marketer promises a low cost way to help firms in the 3D Printing industry lower their marketing costs and provide custom, affordable solutions

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Is 3D Printing Dead? Did the Stock Market Finally Say “Enough is Enough?”

3d printing shares

What is happening to the 3D Printing Stock Market? Is the honeymoon over? Is 3d Printing dead? Is this another dotcom bust? Is the fun over? Well, the industry is hardly “over.” But back in the internet days, there was

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3D Printing Industry News – Top Marketing Firms Enter 3D Printing Marketplace

It looks like famous marketing firms are entering the 3D Printing Market space. Many 3D Printing companies are in need of good marketing, PR, Strategic Planning and advisory services. 1) People don’t understand the industry 2) People don’t want to

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