3D Printing Companies Turning to 3D Printing Marketers For Help

One of the key detriments in the industry is the lack of good marketing. The offer help in 3D printing marketing and social media.

Creatively package your marketing campaigns. A postcard is one way to market your business. But how about putting a small box together with a fork, knife, spoon and a custom printed napkin that invites your prospect to “have lunch on us?” Think outside the box, and your marketing strategies and campaigns will have more impact.

And don’t be afraid to see what other people in other industries are doing and adapt that to your business. Think about the little details that will get attention. I once did a marketing program to the food industry that had a brochure vacuum-sealed in the same plastic used to wrap bacon. The same piece sent to technology companies used static shield envelopes. This campaign earned 96% recognition when follow-up calls were placed.

With a 100% success rate, member 3D printing marketer shows a strong, no hassle social media presence to fit any 3D Printing company’s budget.

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