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3D Printing Trends To Watch

In a recent survey conducted by Jabil, we discovered that in just over a year, the number of companies utilizing 3D printing as well as the variety of applications rocketed dramatically; the percentage of companies using additive to manufacture production parts

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3D Printing Advances And Usage During Covid 19

Well, its easy to see that the less humans we need, the less there is a chance of passing Covid 19 to each other! 3D Printing can help mitigate the risk and the contact. The global uncertainty created by the

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3D Printing Solving Nuclear Waste Problems – 3D Printing Trade Association

3D printing is finding more and more innovative applications – from printing meat in space to using giant printers to fashion entire boats – and the latest intriguing development is using the technology to help recycle more nuclear waste. Over

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3D Printing News – 3D Printing With Liquid Breakthrough

The most common types of 3D printing involve either extruding melted plastic or using a laser to solidify tiny particles, layer by layer, to slowly build up a solid object. But researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National

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3D Printing Trade Association – Is Volumetric 3D Printing A Game Changer?

One of the main complaints about 3D Printing technology has been speed. Enter a new technology which uses laser generated hologram images to speed the process up quickly. There are some big research names behind this: Lawrence Livermore National Lab,

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3D Printing Advances – This Time It Is 3D Printed Bacteria

According to the abstract on Science Mag: “Despite recent advances to control the spatial composition and dynamic functionalities of bacteria embedded in materials, bacterial localization into complex three-dimensional (3D) geometries remains a major challenge. We demonstrate a 3D printing approach

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3D Printing Trends From PWC Report

In 3-D printing, hundreds or thousands of layers of material are “printed” layer upon layer using various materials, or “inks,”2 most commonly plastic polymers and metals. The many different printing technologies are generally material dependent. (See the sidebar “3-D printing

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3D Printing From An iPhone?

Can We Use Our Iphones for 3D Printing? Professor Jeng Ywan Jeng, Dean of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, has invented a 3D Printer that uses light from a cell phone to create a three dimensional object.

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3D Printing Industry Exploding?

According to a report released last week by Canalys, an independent research firm, the industry is forecasted to grow a whopping 56% in total sales this year, reaching $5.2 billion, from $3.3 billion last year. Further, Canalys expects the industry

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3D Printing and the Retail Trend – Can We 3D Print Some Customers?

In what looks to be more good news for MakerBot,   a partnership with Staples will bring their MakerBot 3D Printing Ecosystem, which includes their Replicator 3D Printers and Digitizer 3D Scanners, to 50 select Staples retail locations in 18 different

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