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3D Printing… What Does it Mean for the Future of Manufacturing and the Thin Line Between Copyright Infringement and Fair Use?

3D Printing Intellectual Property

Breaking Copyright With 3D Printing! 3D Printing: The hype is real! Engineers, Designers, and everyday consumers are using this new fabrication process to conceptualize and create things that were once impossible. But what does this mean for the future of

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Why 3D Printing is still Unknown Among Many Non- 3D Printing Companies

3d printing unknown

Opinion by Daniel Suib, of the 3D Printing Channel It is common, in technical industries to fall short on good leaders and managers. Why? What makes this statement true? Well, the nature of the industry makes that statement true. Leaders

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3D Printing Technology Unlocking Value in Manufacturing in America

According to Bob McCutcheon, US Industrial Products Leader at consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper, 3D printing technology is already capable of producing high quality products and the value that 3D printing unlocks in manufacturing can lead to new products and

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3D Printing Research – How Will 3D Printing Disrupt?

In a new market research report, 47% of the manufacturers surveyed identified the top barrier to implementing a 3DP strategy is the uncertainty of a 3D printed products’ quality, followed by lack of talent to exploit the technology (45%). Intellectual

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3D Printing Trends – 3D Printing Causes New Business Models and Disruptive Competition

Here are 3 more important Trends caused by 3D Printing 1. Shifting sources of profit Additive-manufacturing technologies could alter the way companies add value to their products and services. The outsourcing of conventional manufacturing helped spur companies such as Nike

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3D Printers Going Mainstream

CES 2014 - Product Trends

The 2014 International CES show reached 40% of the world’s population with 3D printers as one of the top 5 trends in popular products… With big, flashy booths and major product announcements, the exhibitors made a huge splash and perhaps

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The Next Trillion Dollar Industry- 3D Printing

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Yahoo Japan Innovates Technology to Search 3D Prints Online

Yahoo Japan seems to have creativity up its sleeves – it has come out with a voice-activated technology to search through 3D printing blue prints online. Now, people who are visually impaired can simply verbally express a search term or

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New 3D-printed 3D Printer From Kickstarter

For as little as $1,095, anyone with an internet connection can now order a 3D-printed 3D printer! Many of the parts in the gMax were printed by the RepRap 3D printer, and can be switched out. What is the world

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NASA’s Rocket Passed Hot Fire Tests With Flying Colors

The rocket engine injector talked about before is now the real deal. NASA released more details this week about its 3D-printed rocket engine component. The component delivers propellants to an engine to power it. The director of the engineering directorate

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