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3D Printing Trade Association Discusses 3D Printed Chicken!

3d printed chicken

KFC has been experimenting with food innovation process for a while now, including the introduction of plantchicken nuggets last year. But a new effort in Russia might just be the Louisville-based company’s most ambitious project yet. KFC is launching the

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3D Printing Trade Association – 3D Printing Helps With Covid -19

In the past decade, 3D printing has occupied some interesting niches. It’s an invaluable prototyping tool for countless industries and has found regular use in architecture, biotech, prosthetics, and plenty of other disciplines. The rise in consumer-grade printers has also

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3D Printing Companies Turning to 3D Printing Marketers For Help

3d printing marketing

One of the key detriments in the industry is the lack of good marketing. The offer help in 3D printing marketing and social media. Creatively package your marketing campaigns. A postcard is one way to market your business. But how

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