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3D Printing Trade Association Looks At The 3 Faster Growing 3D Printing Segments

AUTOMOTIVE According to Chetan Mohan, a lead analyst at Technavio for computing devices research, the automotive segment “is the largest end-user for the 3D printers market, due to the shift within the sector towards the highly customizable 3D printing manufacturing

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3D Printing Stocks – What Does the Stratasys News Mean for the 3D Printing Industry?

Investors Business Daily reports that Stratasys (Nasdaq: SYSS), which has headquarters in Israell and Eden Prairie, expects revenue of $166 million to $168 million, down sharply from a year ago; analysts had predicted sales of $184.6 million. On the bottom

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3D Printing Growth And 3D Printing Industry Opinions

3d printing idea

Will the 3D Printing Industry Grow 300%? From the user’s point of view, the 3D Printing market can be basically divided into two sectors: the market for plastic printers that are now also affordable for private consumers, and the market

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Are 3D Printing Stocks Finally Affordable?

the market

Investors Business Daily reports that most analysts are forecasting an uptick for Stratasys , but also reports that a Piper Jaffray analyst is less excited after a survey the firm conducted with 62 resellers. Brian Deagon, reporter at Investor’s Business

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3D Printing Marketers Joins the 3D Printing Trade Association

The Association of 3D Printing welcomes another new member, Bob Chapman of 3D Printing Marketer. 3D Printing Marketer promises a low cost way to help firms in the 3D Printing industry lower their marketing costs and provide custom, affordable solutions

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3D Printing Industry Size Predictions

From Markets & Markets…. The types of technologies in the 3D printing market are sub-segmented into binder-jetting, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, poly-jet printing, electric beam melting, wax disposition modeling, fused disposition modeling, 3D inkjet printing, laminated object manufacturing, and other

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3D Printing Trade Association Discussion on 3D Printing Market Growth

The adoption of 3D printing in various applications is growing on account of higher accuracy, efficient use of material and ability to build customized products. Its competency over traditional processes, time efficiency and simultaneous use of multiple materials has been

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3D Printing Article News Asks – Who Uses 3D Printing Technology?

Who Uses 3D Printing? Well, that’s like saying “who uses the Internet?” At least 10 years from now those questions will sound the same. However, outsiders and newcomers to this industry want to know who has embraced it and who

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3D Printing Association – 3D Printing Predictions For the Future

The overall success rates of 3D printing use cases in emerging regions will escalate for three main reasons: the increasing ease of access and commoditization of the technology; ROI; and because it simplifies supply chain issues with getting medical devices

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3D Printing Industry News – Top Marketing Firms Enter 3D Printing Marketplace

It looks like famous marketing firms are entering the 3D Printing Market space. Many 3D Printing companies are in need of good marketing, PR, Strategic Planning and advisory services. 1) People don’t understand the industry 2) People don’t want to

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