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3D Printing and Blockchain – Decentralized Technologies

Bitcoin Blockchain

Data Gumbo’s Blockchain to be Used to Secure 3D Printing of Parts Yesterday industrial blockchain firm Data Gumbo announced a contract with Norway-based deep tech company Fieldmade. The Norwegian company delivers 3D designs so that its defense and energy clients

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3D Printing White Paper – 5 Disruptive Trends Caused by 3D Printing Technology

3d printing advances

Here are predictions from McKinsey about 3D Printing Trends. First among McKinsey’s predictions is that 3D printing will bring about a new paradigm in product development cycles. While 3D printers have been used for prototyping for years, the declining price

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Manufacturing Glasses Made Easy: Optics and 3D Printing

Manufacturing eyeglasses has been expensive in the past because it meant small, hand-made batches or required large investments and inventories that prevented R&D cycles from developing quickly. With new innovations that utilize 3D printing technology and a partnership with the

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Bioprinting, Firearms, and 3D Printing

“It seems like science fiction.” Anything you can imagine can often be made with 3D printing, including body parts. This is one of the greatest opportunities and threats in manufacturing and medicine. “The premise is simple. Send a scanned image

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Additive Manufacturing is Huge Shift in Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a game changer. David Rejeski discusses the potential of 3D printing and digital fabrication.

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