Manufacturing Glasses Made Easy: Optics and 3D Printing

Manufacturing eyeglasses has been expensive in the past because it meant small, hand-made batches or required large investments and inventories that prevented R&D cycles from developing quickly. With new innovations that utilize 3D printing technology and a partnership with the University of Eastern Finland’s Institute of Photonics, LUXeXcel will be able to cheaply produce small batches of eyeglasses.

“Typically, 3D printed parts need to be post-processed (grinding, polishing or painting); but LUXeXceL printoptical manufacturing process is able to print smooth surfaces from a CAD file which don’t require post-processing.”

Competition in the optics business will not be the same now that this partnership, established for the next 18 months, has been solidified. LUXeXcel and the University have an “improved 3D printing platform for phototonics scheduled to be ready by the end of 2013.”

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