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Payment Facilitator In A Box

3D Printing for Consumers: What Does it Mean for the Future of IP? – Tue, 25 Apr 2017 11:10:51 GMT IPWatchdog.com3D Printing for Consumers: What Does it Mean for the Future of IP?IPWatchdog.comSpeaking at a USPTO 3D Printing

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3D Printing From An iPhone?

Can We Use Our Iphones for 3D Printing? Professor Jeng Ywan Jeng, Dean of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, has invented a 3D Printer that uses light from a cell phone to create a three dimensional object.

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African 3D Printing – A $100 3D Printer Made From Waste

Togo in West Africa is one of the last places you’d expect to find a maker space—a workshop where inventors and tinkerers can work on new projects to their heart’s content. But inside the capital city of Lome, there’s a

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China 3D Printing Innovations – World’s Largest 3d Printer Made in China

china 3d printer

…Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co Ltd, a local maker of 3-D printers, has unveiled the world’s largest 3D printer last week at the 2014 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Exhibition held in Qingdao. This massive 3D printer has

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Businessman Donates 3D Printer to Local High School

A lucky 3D design class in Juneau, Alaska will soon have access to a donated 3D printer from a local businessman who decided he “didn’t need both” for business. John Weedman of Western Auto Marine bought two at a trade

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3D Printer to Make Organs On Demand

This 3D printer London scientists created, called the Vista 3D, is in the works to print organs “at the touch of a button.” It comes equipped with a nozzle that can 3D print a broad range of materials with high

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New 3D-printed 3D Printer From Kickstarter

For as little as $1,095, anyone with an internet connection can now order a 3D-printed 3D printer! Many of the parts in the gMax were printed by the RepRap 3D printer, and can be switched out. What is the world

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3D Printing a House Not So Far Off

What with everything that has been going on with 3D printing lately, it’s no wonder people across the globe have thought to 3D print buildings. An architect has designed this to-be-constructed building using 3D printing technology and some supporting reinforcements

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3D Printer in Space – NASA and Zero Gravity

NASA is planning to send a zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station in June of 2014 – this means astronauts will be able to print lifesaving equipment while on a mission. That contraption probably has secret capabilities we

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Microsoft Stores Will Sell MakerBot 3D Printers

MakerBot has been test-offering its 3D printers in select Microsoft stores, and they have passed with flying colors. Next up – Microsoft stocking 3D printers nationwide to show off this incredible technology in kiosk-type form. “It’s hard to imagine people

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