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  1. […] Dickson leak shows physical mockups in roughly the current three colors used on the iPhone 5s. The 3D Printing Trade Association commented on it’s website as […]

  2. […] and free software. This is a forward thinking company that has a lot to talk about as far as the 3D Printing Industry […]

  3. […] wax-ups for crowns, bridges and denture frameworks. The machines are out and ready. According the 3D Printing Trade Association president William Dante, “Another 3D Printing Breakthrough in dental and medical, two of the […]

  4. […] has always been ahead of the USA in green technology. Will green 3d Printing be a Canadian […]

  5. […] for talent. Our pace of acquisitions, I think, is going to accelerate.” William Dante, at the Association of 3D Printing feels that there are “many takeover opportunities right now because the large players are […]

  6. […] in your designs, and then share your designs via FaceBook and Twitter. William Dante, of the Association of 3D Printing feels that the dental market will exponentiate in the coming […]

  7. […] podcast is brought to you by the largest 3D Printing Trade Association; The Association of 3D Printing. Subscribe to our free […]

  8. […] Dante, of the Association of 3D Printing mentions: “This is a great wake up call for all the naysayers who felt 3D Printing was only […]

  9. […] on unpublished patent applications with other national patent offices. William Dante at the Association for 3D Printing feels that “regulation is a good thing, provided the regulators understand the 3D Printing […]