3D Printing Stocks – What Does the Stratasys News Mean for the 3D Printing Industry?

Investors Business Daily reports that Stratasys (Nasdaq: SYSS), which has headquarters in Israell and Eden Prairie, expects revenue of $166 million to $168 million, down sharply from a year ago; analysts had predicted sales of $184.6 million. On the bottom line, Stratasys expects anything from a 3 cent-per-share loss to a 2-cent-per share profit. Wall Street had been expecting an 8-cent per share profit.

We can argue that the MBA’s overpaid. We can argue that the company wasn’t run correctly once it was purchased. We can look at industry trends and see downward spiral in many 3D Printing firms, now that the hype is over.

Or maybe there is a problem with the basic skill sets needed to run a 3D Printing firm? As we sit back at the Association, we do see an interesting dynamic: It isn’t easier to run a 3D Printing Company than any other type of firm. Yet many companies and entrepreneurs feel that because the technology is so “cool,” then managing will be easier.

Good 3D Printing education can help!

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