Open Source 3D

The open source community has a platform worthy of joining the Association of 3D Printing.

The community has proven itself a major force on software and is doing so in the 3D printing world as well.  The RepRap Open Source 3D Printer is an early sign of things to come.  The RepRap printer reproduces 50% of its own parts, the remainder can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Websites like offers a library of 3D models freely available for download.  Likewise, since the late 80′s,  various hardware manufactures have freely provided 3D CAD libraries to designers never thinking those files would be used in a 3D printer by consumers.

How does open source 3D printing change the business model for existing product designers and manufactures?

How can traditional manufacturing and IP holders partner with open source to create and even better business model?

Open source isn’t going away and is a welcome voice to the dialog of 3D digital rights management.