3D Printing Trade Association – 3D Printing Being Used To Change Neighborhoods!

Pittsburgh’s newest neigborhood, dubbed Neighborhood 91, promises to be the hub for modern manufacturing technologies. It will connect all components of the 3D Printing supply chain into one ecosystem. Construction for is set to begin in 2020.

The neighborhood will feature all sorts of production technologies and the latest amenities for tenants of the area. These include a wide range of materials, tools, post-processing devices, testing and analysis capabilities along with storage. It also provides direct access to the airport, making supply lines far cheaper for all the companies involved.

Neighborhood 91 is looking to be a massive undertaking that would not be possible without the aid of the University of Pittsburgh and argon gas supplier Arencibia. The latter is poised to be the anchor tenant for the whole project down at Pittsburgh International Airport. It is going to be the first development of the 195-acre Pittsburgh Airport Innovation Campus and will be adjacent to the terminal and runway.

Building the facility may be a major factor in energizing Pittsburgh’s manufacturing industry. In doing so, they hope to bring in every type of manufacturing firm imaginable. These companies will be able to leverage Neighborhood 91’s manufacturing, production and post-processing services along with the delivery capabilities the connection to the airport provides.

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